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Finalmente Llega Open Falcon 4.5

Despues de lo que parecia ser una espera interminable finalmente llega a la luz el Patch 4.5 para Open Falcon que incluye entre sus mas notorias modificaciones y "enhancements" la cabina nocturna 3d y la habilitacion de clima dinamico por primera vez en Open Falcon.

la cabina 3d finalmente incluye una instrumentacion iluminada para operaciones nocturnas

en el Open Falcon 4.5 se habilita el clima dinamico con 3 estados de tiempo marcadamente diferentes que van desde un dia soleado hasta una tormenta inclemente

A continuacion el log de cambios y correciones incluidas en el Patch 4.5:

- Hit boxs adjusted for all Ships for carrier landings. Also partial new skins
- F-14 twin Rack now skinned
- F-18 weapon edits
- Fixed to match mapping on MFD
- Updated to new mapping for F-16D 3d cockpit.
- changes on RTT value, added in ckptart root, F-16C-TB + F-16B-15,
F-16D-40 and F-16D-52 using Parent 11 for cockpitmodel/cockpitdfmodel
- Updated Mirage 2000 3d cockpit/cockpit wings 3d models.
- Updated 3dbuttons.dat/3dckpit.dat to match lods.
- New 2 page mission datacard (docs\datacard_OF_A5.pdf) inspired from a famous real one
but specific to OF.
- Added missing star.dat.
- Fixed data bug in the trigger file for Tiger Spirit in the KTO theater.
- Texture.bin terrain types at airbases fixed
- Updated new KC-10 tanker and boom + parents.
- Updated M2k 3d models so they have dofed head.
- VASIS rescaled and reshaped to reflect actual sizes in the real world.
- Texture tweaked to reflect changes to the model.
- Falcon4.CT, Falcon4.UCD and Falcon4.VCD bug fix. Some were having double CT/UCD and different
specific than teplanes.lst. TacRef updated also. Check below:
- F-117 fixes
- Lod 0 fixed Ongoing gear compression not finished.
- Lod 1,2,3,4,5 rescaled to match Lod 0. There was a noticeable jump in size as Lod changed.
- ACDATA tweaked to add rolling wheels.
- Added slot data in F-117 parent
- Zbias fix for impact crater.
- Added Avionic Quick Reference Volume - F16. See docs\Checklists_avionic_OF_0703.pdf
- Updated Parent 1196 (default 3d wings) to new navlights.
- New A-10 3dbuttons.dat.
- Fixed Rolling Fire - Chongju / Kangnung Airbase problem
- Altered takeoff point data for alot of airbases
- Replacement of a missed old taxisign at Kimpo. It was labelled as a taxiway,
name changed to Taxi Sign in Falcon4.FCD.
- Bugfixes for Parents 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951
- Bug of AB showing incorrect size in MP -> corrected
- Bug of aircraft disapearing at a certain distance -> corrected
- Point navlight position fixed on LOD 2.
- Fixed parent 1221 (refuel boom) which has some sam vehicles in low rez lods.
- 6dof fix on F-16 3d cockpit LOD only ATM. (CP nodes converted to PT nodes)
- GBU 12 model moved back of 1.15
- BLU107 model moved back of 1.10
- Block 25 parent from 3818 to 1989, 3000+ parents should be used for 3d cockpit/wings
- Block 30 parent from 3819 to 1990, 3000+ parents should be used for 3d cockpit/wings
- Block 32 parent from 3809 to 1991, 3000+ parents should be used for 3d cockpit/wings
- All remaining 3d cockpits (except M2k) and 2d cockpit wings : CP nodes converted
to PT nodes
- F22 3d cockpit and wings now independant
- A10 3d cockpit and wings now independant
- F15C 3d cockpit and wings now independant
- F18 3d cockpit and wings now independant
- F15E 2d cockpit wings added, Parent# 3692
- art/ckptart/864 folder added for F-15E with specific F-15E 2d cockpit wings
- 3d Updates on F-16C-HAF : New LANTIRN
- F-16C-HAF aircraft name changed to F-16C-52+
- F-16C-52+CFT added, model with new LANTIRN also
- Texture numbers and TexSet (2) changed for F-16C-52+ and F-16C-52+CFT
(A/C and cockpit wings)t# 3806. (Switch)
- F-16C-52+CFT added in VCD/UCD/ACD/CT. (Switch)
- F-16C-52+CFT in UI files (art/main/units.irc, art/main/,
art/dfgt/, teplanes.lst, validac.act).
- Added F-16C Block 52+ w/ CFT (HAF) in TacRef.
- F-16C Block 52+ HAF changed to F-16C Block 52+ w/o CFT (HAF) in TacRef.
- sim/acdata/f16bk52+.dat : has_TFR set to 1
- sim/acdata/f16bk52+.dat : empty weight changed to 20200 according to
T.O. GR1F-16CJ-1 (+ changes in UCD/VCD)
- sim/acdata/f16bk52+.dat : internal fuel changed to 7160 according to
T.O. GR1F-16CJ-1 (+ changes in UCD/VCD)
- sim/acdata/f16bk52+.dat : fuelFwd1 to 2770 according to T.O. GR1F-16CJ-1
- f16bk52+cft.dat added. (copy of f16bk52+ with changed values for CFT)
- actypes.lst changed, counter +1 and f16bk52+cft at the end.
- Block 52+ w/ CFT added to tacref.
- Fixed VASI's. They have point light now.
- Added
- Fixed value for empty weight in f16bk52+.dat and f16bk52+cft.dat, + vcd
(19635 and 20635)
- Fuel value of 7162 for f16bk52+.dat (+fuelFwd1 changed back to 2772) and vcd/ucd.
- Removed unused texture in F-16 3D cockpit lod root nodes.
- New AUF2 rack for Mirage 2000, used for 2 weapons on centerline.
- AUF2 rack assigned to m2k-AG2x in bmsrack.dat.
- CT 3571 (R F-16 600WT) changed from Abstract vehicle to Abstract weapon
- Updated Mirage 2000 3d cockpit : 6DOF + new switches & knobs
- Changed bullet TTL for A-10 gun from 1 to 3.
- New KC-10/KC-135 director lights
- Updated Booms for tanker
- Refuel Door update on all F-16
- New ALQ-131
- New JSOW with fix for open/close wings
- Fix for AGM-65s faces disappearing
- Updated 20061213 Mirage 2000 3dpit
- Little update on F-15C 3dpit
- F-16s navlights on aircraft and 3dwings
- F-16 new burner
- New nozzle and afterburner on Mirage 2000
- A-10 camo fix
- Fixed CTD with Storage tank
- Too big shadow on AM-NL, AM-NO and 52+ fixed
- 4.2 A-10 3d cockpit back
- Fixing Parent error on Mirage 2000 giving a CTD when going AB
- New Super-530 3D Model
- Update floodlights, so they use ptype 20 now
- Final fix for NS Highway strip CTD
- Fix for wrong taxisigns on Wonsan/Kadena
- 600 fuel tank in SSD for CCIP and HAF F-16s
- Rack 2 bombs and Rack 4 bombs fixed for Mirage 2000
- Repaired faulty CBU data files.
- Repaired PS.ini Gun hits not showing.


Complete new sound pack optimised for F-16 in pit.


- OF Launcher
- New IVC program V2.2


- New trail.dat
- Enhanced particle.sys
- DDS effects changed...Fire1 Flare1 flash1 Flash11 Overcast Smoke1 smok2 sparks1 trailside0
- Flares/chaff position upgrade on numerous jets
- mirage HFFM
- VEAF Look down radar mod, as fixing the look down performance problem of air radars
- Tracer rounds fixed


- updated cockpit parents
- M2K PDF upgraded
- HFFM manual
- OF noob guide version 1
- F-16 texture set upgraded

- Sound removed for SimHsiCourseDec/SimHsiCourseInc/SimHsiHeadingDec/SimHsiHeadingInc. The real one does not make any sound.
- Fix for switches missing
- Sounds in 3D now match 2D

- MiG-29A back into the dogfight
- HAD in DTC
- Removed sound Distance effects
- Added weather drop down box

- Added CleanSA Bar option
- Lazystones clouds added to the config editor

Cockpit 3D

- New 3D ICP
- New 3D Guages
- New 3D Nose
- New Canopy and rails block C and D
- New textures
- Night ligting


- Redrawn part of the Gifs for a better look when switches are used
- Wide views fixed
- MFD enlarged view fixed
- HSI centered in all views
- Distance to beacon fixed in 12_dl (inverted)
- ADI fixed in all views
- Compass fixed in all views
- ADV button fixed
- Gear lights fixed
- AOA fixed in 12_wide (inverted)
- SYM and DEPR wheel now operates like in 3D pit (inverted)
- Master modes' sounds fixed
- Hook switch fixed in 12_e
- No power flags fixed in all views
- Many switches and lights have been centered in every view
- Few switches that where visible in some views have been incorporated
- Sounds for all knobs have been harmonized
- Cursors for knobs/switches/buttons have been harmonized
- CMDS 01 and 02 lights power dependent
- Kneeboards C and MLU models show all correct info for Balkans and Korea, Also jet specific front page.
- Wide hud for blk 40, If someone can do a better job please feel free Very Happy
- Voice inhibit switch now works in MLU
- EPU switch fixed for MLU and C
- SYM and DEPR wheel now operates like in 3D pit
- Fuel quantity selector fixed in Block (black boxes removed in 16_12_d)
- Master modes' sounds fixed in Block
- EEC switch can now be operated in 2D for MLU
- Jett flare switch can now be used in MLU
- Hook switch fixed (and works in MLU)
- Fixed CTD in 2D for HUD wheel
- MLU Modified O1 indicator on CMDS to read "LO 0" instead of 30
- Removed white lines from Roll & Pitch Trim Indicators
- Removed Display Select switch AVTR panel
- Removed "test" light code on AVTR panel
- Flying "W" on ADI added to all variants
- Functional canopy lever added to all variants
- SEC/Pri switch fixed
- remove the 40C white trim lines
- specific panels for variant and data added all versions
- 2D abd 3D sounds matched
- fixed - 1. ILS is still out of sequence. It is now correct on the panel at ramp start but if the panel switch is ON, the DED report ILS OFF. If the panel switch i OFF, the DED report ILS ON.
- In any way. ON or OFF the ILS works all the time whatever its status
- fixed - 2. MRK/BCN green
- fixed - "W" Flying on every MLU view
- fixed - 4. Caution panel AFT light should be ATF light.
- fixed - MLU : PRI and SEC, not EEC/BUC
- fixed - during test, MRK BCN light flashes in down front view and does not flash in normal front view
- fixed - The three gear lights never turn red in the real F-16. Those are only greens lights. They stay OFF until the gear they refer to is down and locked.
- fixed- Also The MLU has no PFD (no screen above the Caution panel)
- fixed - The belgian MLU has no ECM panel, but I do believe other MLU have it 'need to be confirmed. that comes from the fact that belgium uses the carapace system while the other epaf countries don't.
- That's details.
- fixed - There's a double line for the CANOPY eyebrow light (right glareshield) Normaly, there is only one. the top row has the CANOPY label and needs to come On accordingly.
- The lower level is blank and shouldn't repeat the CANOPY data.

- And loads more ****,,,will have to trawl through to get complete list.


- Fixed training missions #1, #2, #3, and #4
- Set both A-10 squadrons in Rolling Fire to be A-G, (one was A-G, one was no pref.)
- Some work on the mission.dat file, to hopefully fix up some CAS issues
- Fixed feature count errors as reported by tacedit, (repair objectives)
- Fixed save2.tri in the Korea (KTO) theater so that the campaign can actually end
- New Balkans stations.dat
- New BAZT 1.10
- Fixed
- Fixed
- Fixed Teplanes
- Fixed ValidAC


Scripted with voice over

10a ILS
13 A-A Radar
18 A-G Radar
24a Maverick
24b Maverick
25a LGB
37 Radios
38a Datalink1
38b Datalink2
39 AGM88
40 TFR
41 Rampstart

Training tes scripted

03 Day landing
04 Night landing
15 Aim9
16 Aim120
25 LGB

Por el momento quedan pendientes otras tantas cosas como las cabinas 2d nocturnas y los F-16 IAF, que seguramente seran incluidas en el "proximo" patch! :-)

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